"What is my toaster worth?"

That's one of the frequently asked question I have to answer from time to time when somebody wants to sell an old piece found on a garage sale, fleamarket or in "grandma's" kitchen.
To estimate common stuff is easy: "Something around 20 bucks +/- 10 or 15..."

But what about the unsual toasters? The really rare pieces?
All I know is: You will never know! I watch eBay since many years. Prices for same pieces vary in an not foreseeable way. Sure, toaster prices went down in the last few years. That's the result of the imploding stock market, the following economic downturn and psychic depression all over the world.
And: In the beginning of eBay many collectors had their first contact with foreign toasters. So prices for some items went up in an absurd way. Now, many collectors have most of the stuff they wanna have. So even rare pieces will be "cheap".   go to page 2 | see examples of toaster-prices

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